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Brand platform
PR activities
Helps build a strong brand, stand out from competitors, and attract new customers
Include a spotlight on your brand, thanks to unique events and effective communication
brand information field analysis

competitor analysis

brand communication strategy

SMM strategy

brand positioning

activity calendar plan
media publications management

collaboration organization with influencers

PR event organization
As part of the set tasks, we can organize a turnkey event with the presence of celebrities, influencers, and other media personalities.
Depending on the request, we can arrange the presence of an influencer on the platform and organize publications on their Social Media (SoMe).
For each client, we can organize publications in the media, Telegram channels, and relevant communities.
Annual calendar plan for brand activities: events, occasions, potential partnerships.
Marketing Block:
— Description of brand advantages
— SWOT analysis
— Formulation of Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Creative Block:
— Brand benefits: emotional and rational
— Description of the target audience
— Development of key messages for the target audience

Media Block:
— Selection of media channels to convey key messages to the target audience
— Selection of relevant target group channels and influencers
SWOT analysis of the brand's Social Media (SoMe) and development of a growth strategy.
Extensive information and analytical work on brand positioning:

— Mission and brand philosophy
— Analysis of consumer behavior
— Analysis of the brand’s information field
— Competitor analysis
— Description of the target audience
— Brand benefits: emotional and rational
— Development of key messages for the target audience
— Brand positioning
— Communication strategy (briefly)
— Channels for promotion
— PR activities
We analyze the brand’s competitors (up to 10 companies):

— Online presence
— Behavior on Social Media (SoMe)
— Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
— Customer reviews
— Media presence
— SWOT analysis
We analyze the brand’s online presence and social media:

— Maps
— Media
— Reviews
— Social Media (SoMe)
— Website and application (if available)

We draw conclusions and provide recommendations for managing the information landscape.