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Ras Al Khaimah
Tourism Development Authority (ОАЭ)

The first AI-generated packaging created by us in a neural network for the international project of Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority (RAKTDA) — a company established by the government of the eponymous emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

The technical task included a strict set of references and a limited timeframe, which is why we turned to a trusted assistant — a neural network. The result of meticulous work at Midjourney was a drip coffee packaging, the design of which was based on the style of an Eastern tapestry. The themes of each of the 5 individual drip packets were the calling cards of the emirate: the flora and fauna of the sea, desert, and mountains. Generating an oryx — a specific type of antelope with saber-like horns — proved to be a particular challenge for us, as the neural network algorithms were not very familiar with it.

But we succeeded: the packaging was highly praised by the client and has already taken on its physical form.

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