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Ramen Shifu

In the corporate style of Ramen Shifu, we merged Chinese traditions with modern trends to convey the atmosphere of an Asian noodle shop: contrasts everywhere.

In addition to elements of classical Chinese calligraphy, we created a handwritten pattern that is nothing but an exact copy of the plate decoration in the bistro itself. This is not only a tribute to traditions in a new way but also a demonstration of loyalty to regular guests (of whom, by the way, 70% are Chinese).

Bright accents draw attention and serve as an important marker of Chinese culture, where red symbolizes joy and happiness, blue is traditionally used for pottery decoration, and the color of white clay has become a visual metaphor for porcelain. The latter also allowed us to maintain the simplicity and airiness of the conveyed image, as the format of the noodle shop is a bistro where there is no pretense, only delicious food.

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