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Trend Smile

Institute of Dentistry

Our new client, the dental clinic Trend Smile, unites us with much more than meets the eye: the creator of Trend Smile, just like the DESIGNWISE team, lives and breathes their work. Hence, our collaboration has been on the same wavelength.

What we've accomplished: for a modern dental clinic with an educational center, we've created and curated everything — from the logo, fonts, and color scheme to hand-drawn icons that fill numerous printed and digital materials.

In the design for Trend Smile, as well as in their communication with clients, everything is transparent. Literally: a series of POS materials for the clinic is made on transparent material, which not only looks highly impressive but also emphasizes the crystal-clear reputation, pricing, and quality of services. The "speaking" logo itself, where the images of dental, aesthetic, and medical themes are easily discernible, also straightforwardly communicates that Trend Smile is unquestionably trustworthy when it comes to one's health.

Project team:

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