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prepared food store

Uppetit is a modern comfort-food project where you can take food with you or have a bite to eat right on the spot.

The project captivated us from the first days of work. From our side, work was done to develop and create a number of promotional banners: from banners to the site to large billboards in St. Petersburg.
The network is growing exponentially, so one of the key tasks has also become the design used in the regular pasting of more and more windows / showcases of establishments.
Our cooperation with Uppetit coincided with the moment when many brands began to switch to Russian names, so one of the important tasks was to Russify the existing version of the logo. Everyone was satisfied with the result: both we and the customer.

Once again they showed and proved: we do the work as quickly as possible, but at the same time it is high-quality, functional and beautiful. If you want too, you know what to do ;)

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