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"The Wharf" Craft brewery brand identity

"The Wharf" is a local micro-brewery adjacent to Admiralty Shipyards.

The brewery used to only produce for its own restaurant, but now it has expanded to outside sales.

We were tasked to create a strong masculine logo, with a reference to marine themes, reflecting the values of the brand: quality, classic, conservatism. That's why the brusque antique fit perfectly into the concept.

As soon as we used this font, the concept adopted the grandeur of the masts with their spars and battens. To complete the image, we added an accent "F" with a flag.

The boat "Nakatyusha" ferries the gentlemen to meet adventures at the "Wharf" in the Land of Brewery! This image and concept was created by our designers in the process of preparing the first moodboards, but finally settled in the brandbook.

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