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identity of
VODA Aqua Club

The VODA Aqua Club is a SPA complex located in the Resort area
St. Petersburg. It was built back in 2012, but it has not lost its relevance to this day. The restrained conciseness of the interior and exterior dictates the corporate identity of the project. It is based on colors, textures and calm lines that immerse you in a state of peace and comfort. Central to the corporate palette is the color of water — the color of the main element of the club.

On the territory of the complex there is a restaurant, SPA, hotel and swimming pool. In the winter of 2020, we have compiled a guide book for all areas of the club. We have made a clear and logical corporate identity, which we have been using ourselves by "subscription" for 2 years. A children's identity was also developed for conducting master classes, foam discos and merch for young visitors of VODa.

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